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Validation does not apply when an admin user updates the password in the user record directly (the admin can put anything in the password field).

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Universal credit is being introduced geographically and in areas where the full (digital) service is available, it may no longer be possible to make a new claim for tax credits.

You should check your tax credits award notices carefully to make sure any backdating has been included properly.Dear HM Revenue and Customs, HMRC contradiction and law-breaking with regard to the backdating of Working Tax Credit (WTC).The following sources of information relate to the backdating of Working Tax Credit: (1) Tax Credit Technical Manuals - TCTM06104 - Claims and Notification: Backdating Working Tax Credit (WTC) 'Requesting backdating to a specific date within 31 days of receipt of a claim - When a person claims Working Tax Credit within 31 days of starting work, their claim can be backdated to the date they started, providing they notify HMRC of the date they started work or it can be backdated for the whole 31 days if earlier.HMRC has revealed 120 cases since last October where Concentrix did not “meet performance criteria set out in its contract, but the actual number may be significantly higher.The Facebook campaign group Concentrix Mums, which has 7,300 members, says hundreds more people have been affected.You can find out more about this in our universal credit section.