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Reproducible testing must be done on a save file that is unaffected by other mods leaving the game in a vanilla state, bar the unofficial patches where they fix bugs in the vanilla game that may negatively affect the results of the test (such as if testing for save bloat, the unofficial patches are used so that vanilla sources of save bloat don't affect percentage results).

The goal of this list is to document all mods that have been proven to have technical issues that can undermine your games stability.

The Skyrim modding scene is a very dynamic and constantly changing environment where mods are constantly being created, updated, superseded or even abandoned.

All mods on this list have had their issues confirmed via hard data or reproducible tests done on a vanilla game.

Hard data counts as either visible errors and flaws in the plugin, mesh or script files.

Sometimes, updates are added but are not mentioned in the Changelog; e.g.

the secret Smasher update, or the Fighter Buff update.