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I am told that women want to settle down and have kids, etc., but their actions seem to be to the contrary.

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Now, just think if you cut the “eligible” dating population down by 90%.

As far as feelings, money values, extra-curricular interests, curricular interests, sexual peculiarities, career aspirations, etc.

You’ve likely already heard the arguments against being “unequally yoked” and possibly even rolled your eyes at all the familiar speeches.

I’ve found that discussions like these can easily turn into an “us vs.

The only exception I believe in is if a few or several Christians get together and go out with one or two non-Christians just to have some good, wholesome fun together.

But, to me, this would not be considered "dating"...a way to reach out to others in Christian love.

them” refrain that neglects the spiritual well-being of everyone involved.

In other words, instead of painting the unbelieving partner as the evil scoffer that impresses weak Christians to backslide, grow complacent or leave Christ altogether, have we ever stopped to consider that they, like us, are beloved souls in need of God’s grace?

The truth is I don’t think so and it actually might be selfish of us as believers to think so. As believers, our lives should be marked by our ultimate purpose of building God’s kingdom.

You’d recognize that familiar “I met someone” starry-eyed glow anywhere. He gets along so well with my family, and he respects me.

I’m really happy, and it’s getting pretty serious.” It’s a conversation I’ve had a few times. Being the inquisitor I am, my probing eventually lands on the catch: “He’s not a Believer but…” There’s always a “but,” isn’t there?

BOISE, ID—Local account manager and “missionary dating” veteran Harrison Clark, 32, reported that he is confident that his next attempt to “date a hot chick right into the Kingdom” will ultimately be fruitful and yield a convert, after 16 consecutive failed attempts.

While most people would be discouraged or might seek a different method of sharing their faith after such a lack of success, Clark is not swayed, confirming to sources that he will “stay the course” and “date as many attractive women with relaxed sexual morals as possible” until he is successful at convincing one to give her life to Christ.