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is an M-rated action game brimming with gang violence, nudity, extremely coarse language, and drug and alcohol abuse. Playing as hardened criminals, players kill not only fellow gangsters but also police officers and innocent civilians using both weapons and vehicles while conducting premeditated crimes, including a particularly disturbing scene involving torture.

Women are frequently depicted as sexual objects, with a strip club mini-game allowing players to fondle strippers' bodies, which are nude from the waist up.

Obviously, that leak has not really ever been referenced on WWE programming, although The New Day themselves did once allude to it.

On an episode of immediately after the tape leaked, there was a segment in which the show cut to Big E and Kofi Kingston looking at Xavier Woods disapprovingly.

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Il contient des textes, des photos et des vidéos classées X qui peuvent être choquantes pour certaines sensibilités.

That comment, of course, was a reference to the tape that was leaked back in March that showed WWE wrestlers Xavier Woods and Paige having sex.

While using Adam Jensen's computer, hacking the special reward nodes will get you a 500 XP bonus. You can always return to Adam Jensen's computer later in the game to repeat this trick, or try it on other hacking challenges throughout the game." /This game glamorizes and sensationalizes criminal lives and activities, including thievery, murder, prostitution, and drug use.Its aim is to entertain players by allowing them to role-play as criminals carrying out acts that are intensely violent and usually quite selfish, such as torture.None of the protagonists or their associates serves as a decent role model.All are actively involved in or otherwise connected to the criminal world, and the majority of their decisions -- to shoot police officers, to take advantage of women, to kill fellow hoods, to torture -- are driven by greed and self-interest.Players also have the opportunity to make their avatars use marijuana and drink alcohol, both of which impact their perception of the world.