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Updating with linq

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As you probably know Microsoft started its journey in ORM land with 2 frameworks: Linq to SQL, a lightweight ORM with some nice features and good performance but tightly coupled to SQL Server and Entity Framework which started as an ugly beast but is now transformed into a good, performant Enterprise ready ORM solution.

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The data would come from a spreadsheet, and I would either insert or update records depending on whether or not certain criteria already existed. When updating records using LINQ to CRM, changing an object's property does mark the record as "dirty".

This also assumes the PK is a GUID[uniqueidentifier] field. void Update(orders_main Table update Entity, Guid identifier) The Copy From method would iterate over the reflected values of the objects and copy the data from the “update Entity” object to the original object. LINQ-to-SQL should be smart enough to take care of this for [us] automatically in my opinion.

This way, you’re not going to run into any issues issuing an update to a 'disconnected’ object. This is going to be a huge issue for n-tier disconnected architectures.

The “Update” method of course, would update using only the primary key of the entity to perform the update.

I suppose I see why this might not exist due to complications with child entity objects.