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This pairing had been nothing more than a rumor, but the day these two spent together in Los Angeles over the weekend make it apparent they're more than mere friends.

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The prisoners Franky Doyle, Clittylicker In Charge: Violent, damaged, and a host of other cautionary adjectives which do absolutely nothing prevent women from falling in love with her.She was prevented from executing this admirable plan by her daughter, Debbie, because kids get in the way of everything.Even though the whole family tried to pretend it was a suicide, she still wound up in Wentworth correctional facility.Without caring about his career, he admitted the fact to ‘The Globe and Mail’ in April 2008 that he is a gay. And, when Luke was asked about the media handling his truth, he stated, “I feel strongly that there is a distinction between revealing my sexual preference and my most private thoughts.He told, Being a gay, he was in a robust relationship with Wentworth Miller, openly a gay. My sexual preference is one irrefutable aspect of me, like the color of my skin.Definitely not Team Franky (probably just jealous). The Guards: Meg Jackson: Former governor who went and got herself stabbed to death by one of her many enemies.